Razyr Networks and the SSL Heartbleed Security Exploit

The media has been buzzing for the last 24 hours about the SSL security exploit known as "Heartbleed".

The bug was announced to the tech community on Monday April 7th. The intent was to announce quietly so the operating system vendors could get patches out before this became front page news.   Events rarely unfold as planned and the news leaked prematurely.  

Best estimates show that as of April 2014, approximately 66% of Internet servers were affected by this bug.

The Razyr servers were susceptible to the exploit and were patched at 3:47am on Tuesday April 8th to prevent any potential abuse.  

For more information, visit

If you are concerned that your account credentials may have been compromised, details on how to reset your Razyr password(s) are outlined in the following two links

Instructions for changing your SSH web hosting password

Instructions for changing your email password

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Razyr Support.


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