How do I get connected to my email?

Email Clients On Your Local Computer or Phone

Internet users now have so many options available to them to get connected to their email.  Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird or an iPhone, Android or other smart-phone, there are certain pieces of common information which you'll need to have to get hooked up to your Razyr hosted account

To start out, you obviously need to know your email address and password.  If you do not have either of these, you will need to ask someone in your organization or contact Razyr Support by telephone at 1-866-300-0707.

Please note:  Your complete email address is also your user account name (or login name) on the mail server.

Next you will need some technical settings which will vary slightly, depending on whether you use POP or IMAP to access your mail.

Receiving Mail *

Incoming (POP3/IMAP) Server Name:
POP3 Port:  995 SSL
IMAP Port:  993  SSL

Sending Mail

Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name:
SMTP Port:  587 TLS  (Requires sign-in/password)

If TLS is not an option for Outgoing mail, choose SSL.

If your email program has an Outgoing option "Use same settings as Incoming Server", enable that.

Under no circumstances should you use SMTP Port 25 for email submission.   Port 25 is blocked by most Internet providers and is generally not secured.  By using the ports/settings listed above, you are using an encrypted tunnel for all of your email transactions.  This makes it safe to use your laptop or smartphone for mail on public networks such as hotels, airports or Internet Cafes.

Accessing EMail With A Web Browser

Email services such as HotMail, Yahoo or Gmail are primarily accessed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.  All you need to get connected is your email address, password, the URL (or address) of the service and an active Internet connection.   This is particularly handy if you are traveling on vacation without your computer or smart phone and you happen to wander into a coffee shop with Internet access.

Customers who are hosting email with Razyr have easy webmail access simply by pointing their web browser to  You will be automatically redirected to a secure connection for login and mail access.  Remember: your Username is your full email address.

When you connect to webmail, you may notice that the URL automatically switches to an encrypted HTTPS connection.  This makes it largely immune to hackers who may be sniffing traffic in public WIFI areas such as hotels, airports or Internet cafés.

One caution for travelers or those who use public Internet terminals:  If you are not using a trusted computer (your own laptop for example), then you might be vulnerable to key loggers or other malware which could be on a poorly managed public terminal.  If you are going to be traveling and using a number of public terminals, consider changing your password frequently until you return home.

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