How much mail can I send through my account?

The short answer is you can send to up to 120 different recipients or send 120 messages in a two hour period.

That could be 120 messages to a single person, 1 message to 120 different people or a combination of the above.

There is a cap of 240 total messages over any 12 hour period.

We have caps in place to protect the reputation of our mail server and to prevent volume outbound spam in the event that one of our customers get's their email account hacked.  If these caps seem too restrictive, please contact Razyr Support.

If you need to send out large volumes of email in broadcast fashion, we recommend that you use a CASL/CAN-SPAM compliant mail service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.   These services are free if used in moderation and are more easily managed than lists you might maintain using MS Outlook.

For more information on federal bulk email legislation visit

Canada -

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