How do I configure my phone or tablet for IMAP?

Before You Start

We recommend that you use IMAP for setting up all smart phones or tablets.   Your main computer in your home or office should be set up for POP3, but IMAP is a better choice for mobile devices.   IMAP will use significantly less bandwidth on your mobile data plan, especially if you are roaming and will take less time to retrieve your messages - assuming that you don't need to read every single message and view every attachment while you are out of the office or away from home.

Just remember that if you delete something from an IMAP account, you are deleting it on the server.   This is particularly handy if you have both a phone and a tablet.   However, don't delete messages on your phone if you expect to see them on a computer back at the office.

We will cover how to set up a new account and how to modify an existing account migrating from another provider.  In both cases, the server settings should be as shown in the diagrams at the bottom of this page.

These instructions are specific to Android devices, but the settings are essentially the same for iPhone or Blackberry.

Setting Up a New Account

1. Go to Settings / Add Account / Email

2. Type in your email address and password

3. Tap "Manual Setup"

4. Choose "IMAP Account"

5. Your phone tried to guess the settings.  It guessed almost everything wrong.  Use the Incoming settings shown at the bottom of this page.

6. Tap NEXT when you are satisfied that you have the correct Incoming settings.  It should verify the account very quickly.

7. Now use the "Outgoing Settings" at the bottom of this page to set up the outbound connection.

8.  Tap NEXT when you are satisfied that you have the correct Outgoing settings.  Again the account should verify very quickly

9.  Follow the wizard from here and choose whatever settings seem to make sense for your needs, the technical part is over.

10.  Enjoy your new email account!

Modifying an Existing Account

Make sure it's using IMAP, if not consider deleting it and following the instructions for new accounts.  If it says it's using Port 110, it's a POP configuration.  You cannot use these IMAP instructions with a POP account.

1.  Enter your mail application and view the Inbox for the account you are setting up.

2.  Go to Settings and tap the account you want to modify.

3.  You should be on a screen which lists Account Name, Your Name, Signature, etc...    Now scroll to the very bottom where it lists "Server Settings".

4.  Tap "Incoming Settings" and configure it as shown at the bottom of this page, substituting your email address as the username, then tap DONE.

5.  Tap "Outgoing Settings" and configure it as shown here, substituting your email address as the username, then tap DONE.

6.  That's it!  You should be all set.   Tap the "Back" button on your phone until you are back in your Inbox and enjoy your email!


android_in.png    android_out.png


Please contact Razyr Support if you need additional assistance.

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