How much mail can I store on the server?

Every Razyr hosted email account has a quota.  This is to ensure fair access to server resources for all Razyr customers.

The quotas are more than adequate for 99% of our users who routinely use POP3 to download their mail to Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail.  POP3 is normally set to either immediately delete messages from the server once they have been retrieved or to delete them 7-10 days later so you can keep a recent history of messages available on your smart phone or tablet via IMAP.

IMAP stores messages on the server and leaves them there.  This causes a long term storage issue, especially for Sent messages.   We automatically clear out all Sent mail after 90 days.   If you need a permanent record of your Sent mail from a mobile device for example, you need to either forward messages to yourself where you can pick them through a POP connection or manually save these messages to an archive.

For those of you who want to use webmail as your sole mail client, you must manage your messages so not to exceed your quota.  This means deleting old messages when they are no longer relevant.  Keep your Trash and Junk folders emptied on a regular basis.   Delete messages with very large attachments as soon as you are finished with them, especially in your Sent folder.  Ask yourself, "How many years of Facebook notifications do I really need to keep?" 

Since some users seem to have a hard time managing their mail we have implemented some changes in the way quotas work.

All accounts get warnings via email if they are getting close to their quota.  If you need a larger quota, simply contact Razyr Support.

If a new message comes in and you are over quota, the old system would have failed to deliver the mail. The new system tries to make room by deleting some old messages.  It will first start deleting messages in the Junk folder until it has room.  If that fails, it will start deleting the oldest messages from the Trash.  Finally if it still can't make room, it will start deleting the oldest messages in your Sent folder.

So to recap, we start trying to make room in your account going through the folders in this order:

  • Junk
  • Trash
  • Sent

If we still can't make room and you are still over quota, new messages will not be delivered.

If you want to avoid having messages automatically deleted from Sent, you need to ensure you are always below quota so that new mail can be delivered.

This will never affect users who solely use mail clients like Outlook, Thunderbird or MacMail as your Trash, Junk and Sent folders will always be empty on the server.

This may affect users who send mail from their phone, but only if your account is regularly over quota.

If you have questions or concerns about how this works, please contact Razyr Support

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