Using Yubikey OTP

Yubikey OTP on Razyr Webmail

On June 1, 2014 we added an extra but optional field on our Webmail login screen, along with many other email upgrades.


What is Yubikey OTP

First off, a Yubikey is a very small device that you can carry in your wallet or on a key chain.  It is a form of two factor authentication for logging into computer systems. 


What is two factor authentication?

The traditional username/password combination is what is known as one factor authentication.  You know your username and the secret password.   That's two items, but it's just one factor - something you know.

Yubikeys add a second factor - something you have.  You still need your username and password, but now you also need to insert the Yubikey into your computer or it won't let you log in to Razyr webmail.

How does it work?

The Yubikey plugs into any USB port and acts like a very specialized keyboard.  When you touch the round gold "button" to activate the key, it inputs a long random looking string, just as if you had typed  "btjuuuvkjtrjiuhjjlbdkklreclfgcehtgjbiihrnntn".   This is actually a one time password (OTP).   The next time you press the button it will print a different OTP.    A special server sits in the background which authenticates whether the OTP is valid.  It's very simple and extremely secure.  You job is to not lose your key.  The Yubikey does the hard part.

Do I have to use a Yubikey?

Use of a Yubikey is entirely optional, however if you start using one, you can't just decide to not use it today.  If you lose it, you are locked out until you contact Razyr Support. 

Where do I get a Yubikey?

You purchase the standard Yubikey version here.  More advanced versions and more information can be found at

I have my Yubikey now how do I use it with Razyr Web Mail?

Step 1.   Log in normally to webmail.

Step 2.  In the top right corner of the mail window,  click gear labelled "Settings"

Step 3.  On the Preferences/Server Settings pane check the "Require YubiKey OTP" box.

Step 4.  Insert your USB key into your computer, click you mouse in the YubiKey ID text box and press the Yubikey button.

Step 5.  Click Save.   Go ahead, log out and test it.   


  • You can't accidentally lock yourself out if you don't own a Yubikey.
  • Once you enable it, you can't turn it off.  If you want it disabled, contact Razyr Support.
  • Remember, Yubikey OTP is optional, but a good way to make your email login more secure.




Can I use a Yubikey to secure Windows 7, MS Outlook or my SmartPhone?

Yubikeys can be used with laptops, desktops, cell phones or almost any device.  It is beyond the scope of this help article to cover other platforms beyond Razyr Webmail.

Information on Windows desktops and MS Active Directory use with Yubikey can be found here.


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