What Can I Do From My SSH Account?

SSH is the secure shell.   It has largely replaced the outdated telnet and FTP services.  Additionally, it provides an encrypted tunnel through which you can run additional programs.

In short with Razyr hosted services you can use SSH connections to:

  • Update your site files via SFTP through web authoring tools like DreamWeaver
  • Download compressed nightly site backups using SFTP or rsync
  • Synchronize source code management tools like git
  • View web access and error logs in real time
  • Manage file permissions
  • Set up .htaccess passwords using htpasswd
  • Manage your databases from desktop tools like Sequel Pro or MySQL Workbench
  • Reset your password

Each Razyr customer has their own secured, limited access file system which is only available to your web site and your account.  This would seem to be something taken for granted, but unfortunately is not the case with most shared web hosting services.

What else do I need to know?

You should be aware of two things when trying to connect via SSH

1.  SSH services run on port 22222 on all Razyr Networks servers.   This is not "real" security, but it stops most of the automated bots from banging on our door.

2.  If you try unsuccessfully to connect too frequently in a relatively short span of time, you will get banned in our firewall for many hours.   If you get too aggressive in trying to remember a lost password, you may discover that you have been locked out from the server entirely - including your web site.  If this happens to you, simply contact Razyr Support.

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