How Do I Connect To Make Changes To My Web Site?

This article is aimed at advanced users who are managing traditional HTML/PHP web sites or applications.   WordPress administrators should look here.


To make changes to your site, you first need to set up a secure connection over which to transfer files.  For this Razyr uses SFTP exclusively.

Web authoring programs such as DreamWeaver support SFTP as an alternative to FTP or WEBDAV.

Here is an example setup:

Protocol:   SFTP

Hostname:  APP1.RAZYR.NET

Port:  22222

Default Document Root:  web/html

Note, the Document Root for your site may no longer be the default if your site is managed by WordPress or if you have multiple versions of your site installed on our servers.

If your web authoring tools do not allow you to set the Port number, try setting the host name to APP1.RAZYR.NET:22222.

If you want to do raw file copies to the remote server, file transfer programs such as WinSCP, NetDrive, Cyberduck or Fetch all support SFTP.

Username and password information will be provided to you by Razyr Support.

Detailed directory structure and suggested use is documented in the README file found at the base of your online directory.

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