What Should I Do If I Lost My Support Password?

Don't feel badly.   It would be much worse if you wrote the password on a Post-It note and stuck it to your monitor.

On the Login page, just under the box where you type in your password there is a link called "Help! I don't know what to enter here!"   Click it and we'll set you up with a new password.

Wasn't that easy?

If keeping track of passwords is an ongoing challenge for you (as it is for us) check out LastPass, an inexpensive, highly secure and easy-to-use vault for all of your online identities.

You should use a different password on every web site or service where you have an account.  LastPass helps make it easy.

If you are taking notes or reading between the lines here, this means your Razyr Support password should not be the same as your email password, regardless of whether your mail is hosted on our servers.  Using a tool like LastPass is the only practical and safe solution for keeping your online identities secure.

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