How do I resize memory or CPU for a managed cloud server instance?

Razyr offers two classes of managed cloud server instances.  Both classes can be scaled essentially infinitely, adding as much compute resource as your application and budget demands.

Auto-Scaling instances can resize on demand and requires the pre-purchase reservation of compute resources.   This is a small annual fee and you pay the full resource cost only when it is in use.  Auto-scaling instances can be scheduled so that your compute resources follow your demand.  For example a CPU/Memory intensive application which serves a group of research scientists from 9am-5pm daily could be downsized nightly from 6pm-8am.

Manual-Scaling instances can be rescaled by opening a support ticket.  Depending on the underlying cloud platform and the instance operating system, we will usually schedule memory or CPU changes during off-peak hours.

We have somewhat more flexibility for scaling with our Amazon Web Services instances, but at higher cost than our OpenStack service hosted in Canada.

For more information please contact Razyr Support.

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