How do I recover email from the Spam quarantine?

We work very hard to not filter legitimate email when we are blocking spam.  If we do get a false positive, the email was probably given a score very close to the threshold and was moved to the quarantine.

Now that users can adjust their own cutoff levels, we also have added the ability to recover your own messages from the quarantine.

To recover a message from the quarantine, highlight the message then choose the action "Release selected" and click the "Apply" button.   If you frequently get similar mail from the same sender or company, you can also whitelist the user or the entire domain in one step.

Note that you can also manually delete quarantined mail.  This is not strictly necessary as we automatically clean messages out of the quarantine that are older than 7 days.   Quarantined messages are not counted against your email quota.

For almost all spam, you should NOT blacklist the sender or their domain when you delete.  The FROM: header in spam messages is usually forged and constantly changes.  Trying to blacklist the sender will have no effect.  There are a few exceptions to this, which is why we allow you to blacklist straight out of the quarantine.


To access the new self serve quarantine, go to the Razyr web site, visit the Login page and select "Email Admin Login" in the Manage Users box.

Domain administrators have the ability to access to quarantine on a user by user basis for each account in their domain.


If you have any questions about the new self serve spam quarantine, please contact Razyr Support.

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