How do I block or allow email from specific users or domains?

Whitelists are for people that you never, ever want to block a message from as spam. 

Blacklists are for people that you never, ever want to receive email from.  Anything from that account will be immediately quarantined as spam.

Whitelists are very effective, but only need to be used if you occasionally have email blocked as spam from a specific user or an organization.

Blacklists are as equally ineffective as the FROM: header in almost all spam is forged.  If you add every user who sends you spam to your blacklist, your list will get very long and eventually mail delivery will be slowed unnecessarily.  Blacklists do work well if you have found yourself on the mailing list for a company and they won't respond to requests to remove your address from their list.   Under current anti-spam legislation, this is illegal in the US and Canada, but it still remains a problem.   We suggest that you use blacklists sparingly.

Here are some example entries   - the single user jsmith at somecompany.

@othercompany  - all accounts at othercompany



To access the new self serve spam settings, go to the Razyr web site, visit the Login page and select "Email Admin Login" in the Manage Users box.

Domain administrators have the ability to edit the spam white and black lists for the entire domain or on a user by user basis for each individual account.


If you have any questions about the new self serve spam settings, please contact Razyr Support.


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