How do I adjust my SPAM tolerance?

The Razyr email domain account manager now allows each user to set custom spam tolerance levels.

Quarantining spam is the default behaviour.  Previously you need your domain administrator to release quarantined messages.  Now it's self-serve, so we recommend that all users leave this feature enabled.

Adding [SPAM] to the email headers is a method of helping Outlook to identify unwanted messages.  It's very handy if you use Outlook filters to automatically sort your mail.   For webmail users, this is also handy.  We recommend that you also leave this option turned on.

All inbound mail is given a score that indicates how "spammy" we think it is. The higher the score, the more convinced we are that it is sam.

If you are getting too much spam, you can try lowering the cutoff number.   If legitimate mail is getting quarantined, you may need to raise this number.   The default value will change over time as we continually tune our spam defense.   If you change this value, we recommend not adjusting it downward by more 0.5 at one time and that you let it run at the new value for several days, before adjusting it again.  If you leave this field blank, it will use the server default, which is how the mail was filtered prior to Feb 1, 2014.


To access the new self serve spam settings, go to the Razyr web site, visit the Login page and select "Email Admin Login" in the Manage Users box.

Domain administrators have the ability to edit the spam policy at the domain level for all users or on a user by user basis for each individual account.


If you have any questions about the new self serve spam settings, please contact Razyr Support.


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