Managing WordPress, WP Themes and Plugins

Quick Overview

WordPress uses two levels of security for the files that make up a WordPress site here at Razyr:

  1. Photos, documents or other files which are uploaded via the WordPress editor, gallery plugins, etc... will be owned by the account which runs the back end web server process.  This is necessary so the WordPress engine can add, edit or delete content from your site.  This is not something that you should modify by changing file permissions or you will possibly break your site.  Access to these files is controlled by WordPress itself and configurable by you through WordPress settings to control whether information is public, who can view it, edit it, etc...   Details on managing a WordPress site can be found at in the WordPress codex.

  2. Code which controls the logic and look and feel of your site should be owned by your Razyr hosting account.  The core WordPress installation and any plugins or themes you wish to add to your site fall into this category.   This is the focus of this help article.


Easy Mode  (WP Dashboard)

Recent WordPress versions have made it very easy to update the core WordPress engine and add/update/delete themes and plugins through the WP dashboard.   It is not the purpose of this article to instruct in the administration of WordPress, but you will need to know what Connection Information to provide when prompted.

1.  Hostname:

2.  FTP/SSH Username and Password were provided to you by Razyr Support when your account was created.  If you do not have this information, please contact  Note:  This is NOT the same user which you use to access the WP dashboard.

3.  Select FTP as the transfer protocol.

4.  Click the button to proceed


The example here shows installation of the Christmas Joy theme to a site.


Expert Mode (Manual SSH/SFTP)

Veterans of Linux and web server management may choose to directly inject plugins or themes into the file system of their site.  With latter versions of WP this is really not necessary, but if you insist, your connection information was provided by Razyr Support.   Contact if you do not know your site credentials.  Review if you need a refresher on how to use 3rd party tools with Razyr hosted sites.




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